Your Complete Diamond Buying Guide

There are a hundred ways to celebrate occasions, but what is best out of them is the idea of gifting someone with the perfect present. One of the best ranking and high desirable gifts is jewelry, and in that too we have diamonds. Luscious cuts, reflective surfaces and the intricate designs say it all. Buying a diamond calls for many boxes to check. Here, we share several important points that will help you narrow down your search results:

1-  Cut And Shape

The Diamond Buying Guide focuses on all the major points that will help to get the perfect stone of your liking. The better the diamond is cut, the higher its price will be. Because of the cutting the diamond gets its plane surface edged which results in the light reflecting off of its surface. Thus, it appears to be brighter and brilliant. Whereas, the shape of the diamond alters according to the style of jewelry, it can be princess, round or oval, and even square. Usually the shape is determined from the top view of the diamond.

2-  Color

Colored diamonds aren’t regarded much. Usually, gemstones such as emeralds, ruby and onyx have various colors and shades, but when it comes to diamond, the highest quality is judged by the colorlessness. The clearer and colorless, the better the diamond is considered.

3-  Carat

Surely, you have heard and read in different Diamond Buying Guide that gold value is measured in carats. But this is also done for diamonds. The larger the diamond is to the eye, the more the carat value it will have and thus it will be priced accordingly.

4-  Clarity

Like every stone, a diamond has its share of imperfections and flaws, but if it is clear and bright then it is rated as a high quality stone. Thus, clarity definitely earns some points.

5-  Certifications and Insurance

Once you have gone through these basic steps and are ready to get the diamond, inquire about the certification from the owner, or the manager. There are grading reports that accompany all certified and authentic diamonds. If your jeweler is missing them out, then we suggest that you should go purchase one from an authentic place.

It is also advised that certain diamond stores offer insurance from a third party company that will keep this investment safe. If you have any luck with that then readily agree after going through the terms and conditions.

Online diamonds and jewelry boutiques also offer such valuable stones. Here, you have to do a little digging on your own to get scam free stores on your list. Don’t go for cheap and unknown brands in the market. It is always advised that diamonds should be purchased from an authentic and well known place.

Once you get a diamond, you will know by the clarity and the exceptional, exquisite shine the stone possesses. Indeed, it is an overwhelming purchase, but you won’t go wrong if you keep these points by Diamond Buying Guide in your attention.


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