The World’s Most Expensive Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings have been a sign of love for couples who are tying the knot for a very long time. These masterfully crafted jewelry mark an a very joyous part in the lives of any couples, and while each ring signifies a person’s own love, there is a small room for envy when you see celebrities wear their special rings that are worth millions!

Here is a list of seven such celebrities, whose love for each other and the price of their diamond wedding rings surprised the world, with huge carat diamonds and prices that go up to several millions!

  1. Elizabeth Taylor

The very first person on our list and the owner of one of the  world’s most expensive wedding rings is Elizabeth Taylor. Her ring is an outstanding 33.19-carat. The diamond is one of the purest kind available. Elizabeth was given this ring by Richard Burton, and its estimated value is $8.8 million. After the death of Elizabeth, it was sold to an Asian collector.

  1. Beyoncé

Next is the beautifully crafted 18-carat ring that popular singer Jay-Z gifted to his wife Beyoncé. This ring is designed by Lorraine Schwartz and is priced at $5 million! The diamond is said to be a premium stone. Definitely something that is right for such a high-class singer!

  1. Paris Hilton

The owner of the third largest wedding ring is Paris Hilton. Her ring is priced at $4.7 million and is a 24-carat ring.

It is said that the huge size of her ring made it so her finger felt hurt. Later on, her ring was sold to provide aid to the victims of a hurricane.

  1. Grace Kelly

Prince Rainier III proposed to Grace Kelly with a beautiful 10.47 diamond. This ring values around $4.06 million.

  1. Jennifer Lopez

In the midst of her marriage and engagement, Jennifer Lopez stunned everyone with a magnificent 8.5-carat diamond. This was diamond was crafted by  jeweler Neil Lane and was put upon a certain kind of metal.

  1. Melania Knauss

Melania Knauss is the proud owner of a 15-carat diamond ring. The price of this ring is said to be close to $3 million.

  1. Jacqueline Onassis

Jacqueline’s husband gifted her a magnificent diamond which was a piece of a huge 601-carat diamond found in Southern Africa. Being a 40.42-carat diamond, it must have been huge! In fact, it was only worn by her twice, after which was stored in a bank vault. The ring is said to be worth around $2.6 million.

So, it seems celebrities truly don’t spare any expenses when it comes to diamond wedding rings! These rings are not only the most beautiful ones, but also one of the most expensive rings purchased, making them a cornerstone in the world’s history. They excel is size, shape and beauty and are rightfully worth such high prices.

Each ring is crafted with elegance with nothing but beauty in mind, making it one of the best pieces one could imagine!


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