Diamonds and Personalities

It is no secret that everyone has a unique style of their own that distinguishes them from others. It might be based on culture, size, religion, height, or age. However, the one thing that drives one’s fashion choices is their personality. The same can be said when it comes to diamonds as can be said for shoes, dresses, and hats. Here, we will be discussing in detail what diamonds are suitable for what personality types and why; so lets take a look.


People that are very social have the desire to stand out of the crowd in far more than one aspect. Now, someone who wants constant public attention is never going to want a diamond that defines subtlety. The best choice for someone with a bubbly personality is a Pink Diamond which is extremely rare, Yellow diamond, Fancy Intense, or Orange diamond. The reason these diamonds are so rare is that the diamonds that come with pure color intensities are very hard to find; which obviously means that they are also quite expensive.

If the diamond is strong and bold, then it will do just fine for this personality type. Let us talk about shapes of diamonds now. The radiant or cushion shapes are perfect for bubbly personalities; but really, any Fancy shape will do just fine. If the diamond is a heart, emerald or marquise shape then that is just a cherry on top.


We know that introverts have their own view of the world, different from others. It is more serious which is why for someone with this personality type that yearns to be taken seriously, we think that the best diamond type is a colorless diamond that incorporates high clarity like the White Diamond. If not this one than a champagne colored one will do just fine too.

Champagne colored diamonds have a bit of color which is subtle, so these will suit the introvert just fine as it does ask to be taken seriously but does not scream for attention. As far as shapes are concerned, a heart shaped diamond will be perfect but any shapes that are prone to displaying step-cut will be good too.

Confident and Friendly

This personality type is quite different from the bubbly type as the people who are more confident and friendly tend to be sure of themselves but in a rather subtle manner. For them, we will suggest Green Diamonds; either pure or coupled with secondary hues in a rectangular or square shape.

The quiet ones

The quiet ones want to look glamorous too. Diamonds tend to draw a lot of attention because it is their nature, but it is also true that they deliver a message of delicacy as well. We suggest Light Yellow as well as Champagne colored diamonds for this personality type in the shape round or pear.

The jewelry you wear says a lot about your personality. But the thing to keep in mind is that it should fit you. A hat that looks perfect but does not fit your head is not of any good to you. The whole reason of discussing diamond trends is so you are aware of what message particular diamonds convey so you can make a proper well-informed decision when you pick one for yourself.


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