How To Keep Up With a Diamond’s Sparkle

Diamond search is one of the most sought after activity that every woman simply loves to do. The perfect cut and mesmerizing look is not the only point of focus during the diamond search, women also love to see if it suits their finger as well. There actually are studies available on the internet now a day, which give clues to all such diamond-loving women on how to select one according to their physical looks.

Diamonds are one of the rarest metals that have to be handled properly and in case you are not able to do so, then gradually the jewelry starts to lose its twinkle and turns into a more silvery or platinum type look. One would not want the diamonds to fade, discolor or appear artificial after all that it has cost them!

It is vital that you know how you are supposed to take care of your diamond jewelry. Let us jot down some very basic steps that will help you to either maintain or regain the diamond’s sparkle.

1-   You don’t have to constantly touch the jewelry. The less it comes in contact with human skin, the longer shall stay its sparkle.

2-   Clean your jewelry at least once a week if you wear it on a regular basis. You can start by soaking the jewelry in clean water mixed with mild dish soap. The soap will loosen up the grease.

3-   Use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean the parts of your jewelry that are commonly not accessible. For example; you can brush off the back of your earrings, back of your pendant and the inside of your ring. Don’t apply pressure on the surface and don’t yank or scrub it off.

4-   Be sure that you are working either in a clean glass bowl or somewhere you can see the jewelry clearly. You don’t want it flowing through the drain of your kitchen sink. Sit calmly and then proceed cleaning.

5-   It is important that you use no bleach creams or bleaching agents in the solution. This may cause serious reactions to the metal and damage the jewelry.

6-   Once you have cleaned it with a toothbrush, let it dry on a lint free cloth to avoid the diamond getting stuck to the threads or to the cloth. While you’re drying the jewelry make sure that you apply gentle pressure. You don’t want the soap water to stay in so be firm but use soft touch to dry it out.

7-   Another important tip is to take the jewelry to a professional jeweler to get the work done. You can even use ultrasonic cleaners for your diamond jewelry, but make sure that it doesn’t damage the stones or lose them.

Aside from these tips, diamonds should always be handled with care. Their cuts and structure are the reason the lights fall off perfectly around the crystal and shines bright. That is why it is necessary that it is cleaned and maintained properly.



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