Seven Diamond Wedding Rings That Men Can Wear

Today, diamond rings are becoming popular amongst men. Where women prefer gold diamond rings, a whole new line of white gold diamond rings are designed for men. Its soft metallic color and luster is what makes them perfect for men. To a woman, a wedding ring is the most important piece of jewelry that she receives in her life. However, for men, if the ring does not suit them, chances are they will not be comfortable in wearing it. This is why, specific diamond rings with unique styles have been created for men. These simple or flashy diamond rings are created keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of men.

Diamond critics have picked out seven unique diamond ring designs for men, which they would absolutely love to wear!

  • Engraved Rings

Engraved rings became popular from Indian weddings. Indian brides engraved their wedding vows in the form of a short message inside the ring. This trend became popular in men’s rings too. These kind of rings are mostly given by the bride to groom. The ring is simple in shape and has small diamonds on the outside and an engraved message on the inside. This ring is for those men who do not like flash wedding rings.

  • Two-Tone Ring

The two-tone diamond ring is made with a combination of white gold and yellow gold. It is a simple yet elegant ring and is perfect for men. The metal has tiny diamonds embedded in it, which gives it a contemporary look.

  • Woven Wedding Ring

The woven wedding ring is one of the most unique designs in men diamond rings. The ring contains a braid in the center, which can be either done in gold, white gold or both depending on your budget.

  • Idols sculpted Rings

Some people have a strong belief in their religion. If your fiancé is one of them then this is one of the best option in wedding rings. The most popular idol sculpted wedding ring is ‘Lord Ganesha’ that has Indian origins. Since these rings are elegant themselves, you can add one or two diamonds to the ring. An idol ring symbolizes happiness and good luck for new beginnings.

  • Simple Diamond Ring

Nothing is more elegant than a simple cut diamond ring. A diamond ring has a simple metal band with a big diamond embedded in it. The single diamond is either placed in the center or nine small diamonds are placed in the form of a square.

  • Infinity Rings

Though the concept of infinity ring comes from Turkey, its meaning of eternal love and faithfulness has crossed many oceans, pleasing Indian women and men. The ring has four metal line crisscrossing together and making and ‘8’.

  • White Gold Ring

White gold is considered one of the classiest hue in wedding rings for men. Any of the designs described above can be made in white gold. You can even make a simple white gold ring or add a diamond to make it flashy.

Diamond wedding rings have now become a tradition rather than a trend. Unmarried men wear it to enhance their personality and married men wear it as symbol of love, commitment and devotion to their wife.


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