Men’s Diamond Rings – A Tradition or a Trend?

Gone are the days when jewelry was only for women. Today, the perfect present to gift any one is jewelry and the plus point is that it is not gender specific. Whether it is an engagement ring, pendant, necklace, earrings or bracelet, diamond jewelry is an ornament that will never go out of fashion.

A diamond’s unbelievable radiance and sparkle attracts attention even from far away. These days, the addition of gold to a diamond jewelry adds even more sparkle to it. When we talk about jewelry, apart from women, the trend of wearing a diamond ring or a diamond ear stud is now quickly becoming popular amongst men too. To complement the masculinity of the male population, lately diamond rings are being made with white gold. This has become a style statement for sportsmen and celebrities.

This trend began in the seventies when male Hollywood stars started wearing diamond rings that were dubbed as ethnic pieces. In today’s era, this trend has reached to hip hop stars like Snoop Dog and Kanye West who flaunt their bling, particularly emerald cut rings with prong settings. The emerald cut is known as one of the most stunning cuts and is named as the cut that gives a masculine edge to the jewelry. These days, men do not just wear diamond ornaments for fashion but also because these accessories enhance their personality.

Most men prefer round or square cut diamond rings because these cuts provide a more elegant look. Usually the size of the diamond is larger in a white gold ring because it gives the ring a classic look. Today, wearing a diamond ring has become a tradition rather than a trend. Since the popularity of male diamond rings, men do not have to choose a traditional “off the shelf” ring. They can wear any ring, which compliments their skin tone or dress sense.

According to research, in the past, when a woman wore a wedding ring given by a man, the idea behind that was the husband now takes ownership of his wife. This idea was coined in because people believed that after marriage, a husband takes on the responsibility of managing a house. Thankfully this thinking has changed! Wedding rings for men has now become a social norm and it is said that, “With the advancement of women rights, gender equity is no longer frowned upon. This is why, exchanging of rings has become common in a wedding ceremony”.

If we look back to the olden days, any kind of jewelry worn by men was not liked. However, with time this backward thinking was quickly dismissed and men started wearing diamond rings. People’s attitude slowly changed and now the trend has reached to an extent where men are either wearing a diamond ring, earring or bracelet. Even brides prefer that their husbands wear a diamond ring as a sign of their love and commitment. I believe that the concept of women and men wearing wedding rings represent two partners who are devoted to each other in every way. The bond they create by wearing matching wedding bands is what makes them remember, “In sickness and in health”.


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