What’s In A Diamond?

Since thousands of years, to this very day, we remain besotted by the beauty of a diamond. Naturally occurring in a dazzling white color, diamonds are thought to be tears of Gods and the fragments of the stars. The colorless are the most beautiful, (even though the colored ones are more expensive). It’s just the way it shines, it’s clarity, and its cut, that simply sets it apart from all other stones extracted from the earth. It has been a companion if famous celebrities and rich and popular personalities ever since the very start of Hollywood. So let’s attribute this blog to the existence of these wonders of Nature and examine the evolution of the precious stone.


The name “Diamond” comes from a Greek word “Adamas”, meaning “Indestructible”. The Greeks were always knows as romantics, and for them diamonds symbolized the extinguishable flames of love.

Many others viewed diamonds as a magical substance filled with purity, and thus used them for purposes such as curing black magic and mental illnesses.


A diamond is actually a very simple material. It is made of pure carbon and is the hardest material occurring in nature. The structure is a “isometric-hex octahedral crystal lattice”, and this molecular structure is what actually separates it from coal.


Not surprisingly, the bigger version of the stone usually landed in the hands of the elite and royal personalities mostly. The biggest diamond in history is located in the Towers Of London in Crown Jewels. Before this, the biggest round diamond ever discovered, was known as “The Cullinan Diamond”. It weighed 3106 carats, and was handed over to King Edward VII, after being mined from South Africa in 1905. A part of the diamond, named Cullinan 1, can be found mouthed in the head of the Sceptre with the Cross.

Second largest to the Cullinan is the Orlov, weighing 189.6, and can be found in India.


Talking about famous diamond users, what can come to our mind first other than the gorgeous Elisabeth (or Liz) Taylor. She was probably one of those stars of Hollywood to have possessed the most diamonds in Hollywood history. She has had the privilege of possessing the beautiful, pear shaped, “Taylor Burton” diamond, so named by her then husband Richard Burton, who gave it to her on her 40th birthday. However, she donated it right after their divorce, and even then, after being cut, it weighed 69 carats! Apart from Elizabeth Taylor, many other female Hollywood celebs love to posses diamonds, and they do not hesitate in showing them off in award functions and movie premieres.

So basically, no one can question the fact that diamonds are worth what they cost. Only recently, it has also become a custom of exchanging diamond rings in engagement and marriage ceremonies, making them a symbol of matrimony and love. While the fear of the colored ones nearing extinction remains, the colorless ones are enough to remain a dazzling wonder of nature in our minds till eternity.


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