The Beauty of Natural Colored Diamonds

Most people believe that colored stone jewelry is limited to emeralds, sapphires and rubies. However, a true jewelry connoisseur knows that the most durable, brightest and beautiful gemstone of all times is a diamond. Many people do not know that diamonds also come in colors. These diamonds are dubbed as “white” by the jewelry industry. A rainbow of colors is what makes a diamond more appealing. These diamonds are better than normal diamonds and are an excellent gift to present your loved one with.

Whether you are buying an engagement ring or an anniversary present for your wife, natural colored diamonds are the way to go. The beauty of a natural colored diamond is incomparable to any other gemstone, which is why they are known as the most beautiful stones in the world.

Naturally colored gems are not treated by some process to enhance their color. In fact, they are extracted from the ground in their true form and are certified by a laboratory. Normally, a natural colored gem has a primary colorand is sometimes modified with other hues. These diamonds are put in to different categories according to their hues. These categories include:

  • Fancy Vivid
  • Fancy Deep
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Dark
  • Fancy
  • Fancy Light
  • Light
  • Very Light
  • Faint

Yellow diamond is the rarest diamond of all due to the level of nitrogen present in its carbon lattice. Next is the orange diamond, which gets its color from the crystal lattice defects and nitrogen. This diamond is truly a sight to behold with the fiery red and yellow color. Then comes the pink diamond which is formed due to plastic deformation and was first found in 1985in North-Western Australia. After that comes the blue diamond, which gets its color from boron presence in the diamond’s crystal structure. The world’s rarest blue diamond is “The Hope Diamond” that weighs 45.52 carats.

Now if we talk about a diamond that is a sight to behold then, the purple diamond is next in line. These diamonds are nearly non-existent. Purple diamonds are formed when a diamond gets hydrogen in high amounts. Normally purple diamonds are modified to pinkish-purple so that the diamond’s color comes out. Purple diamonds are mostly less than two carats.

Next in line is the green diamond, which is formed by exposure to radiation (mostly uranium one) when in the soil. These diamonds are considered even rarer than purple diamonds because of their formation method.

Red Diamonds, the most beautiful of all diamonds are also made from plastic deformation. Very few diamonds are graded as Fancy by the GIA because of their clarity grading.

Now that you have read all about the beauty of colored diamonds, do not buy a simple white diamond and settle. Buy something fancy that will catch the eye of your beloved. Natural colored diamonds come in all colors and then some. Girls who love gemstones due to their colors will love a natural colored diamond even more. So why disappoint her with an ordinary white diamond, go for something exotic and make her day by putting a beautiful colored diamond ring on her finger.


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