Eight Things You Should Know About Diamonds

The first diamond engagement ring to be ever used in a ceremony was in 1477. With time, diamonds became so popular that they were not just used in engagement rings but also in wedding bands and as anniversary presents. According to Italians, diamond was a supernatural stone that created harmony between a wife and a husband.

Diamonds are known to have a reputation as expensive, however diamonds are very much affordable. When you are about to buy diamond earrings, loose diamonds or a diamond solitaire ring, there are many things that you should consider to make sure that you are purchasing the right diamond.

Following are eight tips on how to choose the right diamond:

  • All diamonds are sold according to their weight. Basically, the weight of the diamond is considered its size. Divided in to 100 points, a diamond having 50 points is equal to half a carat.
  • A diamond’s cuts can be changed according to a person’s want. The weight, clarity and colorremain the same. A diamond having many cuts will have facets that reflect the light. This reflection is what makes the diamond sparkle. If a diamond is cut too deep, it will lose all its sparkle.
  • The diamonds that are usually sold in a shop are often yellow or transparent in color. As compared to this, a natural white diamond is more expensive and valuable. Naturally colored diamonds such as pink and blue are called fancies. These diamonds are rare and extremely expensive.
  • A diamond’s inclusions tell us about the clarity of a diamond. As the inclusions grow, the life of a diamond gets compromised. These inclusions are usually not visible and can only be seen under a microscope. Severe inclusions can cause a crack in the diamond or in rare cases, even break it.
  • Diamonds come in various cuts. From a solitaire ring to a diamond earring, they can be cut into unique shapes. Some of the popular cuts include emerald, marquise, brilliant, heart, pear, oval and princess shape. Mostly people go for the brilliant cut because it reflects the most light.
  • A diamond ring requires a bigger diamond than a diamond earring. This is where loose diamonds come in and help you to make your perfect jewelry. However, when buying loose diamonds, makes sure that they are approved and certified by a gemmological laboratory. These laboratories provide guarantee that the diamond you bought is genuine.
  • There are many online websites that enable you to buy any kind of diamond jewelry without having the need to go to a shop. These online websites not only provide you with a wider range of choices but also the benefit of comparing prices quickly and see which one is within your budget.
  • Though diamond is known as the hardest natural stone, it still can get chipped, cracked or scratched easily by a hard blow. This is why it is advised to get your diamond polished regularly and not wear it while doing rough work.

These eight points will help you next time when you are about to purchase a diamond. Buying a diamond from a reputable jeweler will help you save money. So why wait? Surprise your loved one with a diamond engagement ring today and enjoy its sparkle in the years to come.


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