Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Somebody once said that “diamonds are forever” and they couldn’t have been more spot on. Nothing says I love you like a sparkling diamond ring. The gemstone which has been termed as the ultimate act of love, and devotion has been melting the hearts of brides for decades.


Diamonds are perhaps the most exquisite of any gemstones, and have long held a reputation that is associated with prestige, and devotion amongst other things. Hence, it is safe to say that diamonds will be forever in style; however, there is always room for innovation, and advancements.

This can be seen in the recent popularity of colored diamonds which have become a must have nowadays. Diamonds are available in many different shapes, and size, and the worth of a diamond is determined by how rare it is. Which raises the question, what determines a diamonds rarity?

Rarity and the 4 C’s

A diamond is judged to be rare if it excels in the following 4 characteristics:

  • Cut- This refers to the shape, or the facets of a diamond, and if the cut is more faceted the diamond will give of a greater shine.
  • Clarity- The diamond will be deemed more valuable if it is free from impurities.
  • Carat- A diamonds weight is judged in Carat’s; hence, a diamonds price is judged accordingly.
  • Color- It takes a trained eye to spot the colors of the rainbow in a diamond, and at times the worth of the diamond is dependent upon the hue and textures associated with it. Furthermore, the absence of color is usually desired as this is what makes it sparkle. Hence colorless diamonds are the most expensive

The most durable there is

Diamonds are the most hardest of any gemstones. Derived from the Latin word “Adamas”, it can literally be translated as being invincible. This is due to the fact that diamonds have a four carbon molecular structure, which makes it extremely tough, and durable. This is quite possibly the reason that diamonds are associated with a wedding, with the bride and the groom starting of their marriage with a bond that will be invincible and indestructible for years and years to come. The durability and the toughness in many ways signify a bond which much like a strong marriage is never going to be broken. This is probably the reason that diamonds are going to be associated with weddings for years, and years to come.



Of course, no topic will be complete without the mention of Hollywood, and the jet set lifestyle. Diamonds have long been favored by the elites of Hollywood. The blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe is well remembered for her fondness for diamonds, and was frequently photographed sporting extremely rare ones as well. In this modern day, and age we tend to follow trends and fads and any diamond that is associated with a celebrity usually sees its value skyrocket.

At the end of the day it is all about personal preferences, each diamond is unique in its own special way, and the selection of a diamond is really down to your individual preferences.

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