How to Choose the Right Diamond for the Right Occasion

Diamonds are the most precious item to gift a loved one. With a variety of diamonds to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming for an individual to know which one they want for sure. While it is a known fact that each person’s quest for a diamond would vary, people should know the basics for buying diamonds.


The five most important things to know while shopping for diamonds are clarity, cut, color, carat, and fluorescence. Keeping these things in mind one starts his or her quest to buy the perfect stone.

Knowing the shape and size of your desire makes for the basis of diamond buying process. There are a variety of shapes and cuts available in the market. If one is unfamiliar with those, he / she should opt for a round one called a princess cut. Setting a carat limit is the second step. If one’s heart is set one getting a one carat stone then even the most beautifully crafted half a carat diamond wouldn’t please you.

Most people tend to exploit the nature of diamond businesses. They obscure and wrongly grade the diamonds. It is recommended that an individual does not buy a stone, which costs over $2,000 with seeing it loose, that too with a magnifier. In order to avoid purchase of inferior quality gems, one needs to do a thorough market research and look for the perfect retailer. Recommendations and reviews are one of the best ways to determine credibility of a jeweler.


If your desired diamond is outside your budget then it is suggested that you compromise on a few areas. The clarity of the diamond is one factor, which can easily be compromised upon. Going as low as SI1 on the clarity is acceptable and does not affect the quality as such. L –M color may also be acceptable when presented in a rose gold undertone.

It is advised that one go for a diamond retailer, which is knowledgeable in doing this particular business. Jewelers who have over 30 years of experience, can give advice based on their experience. They help first time buyers in the decision making process, ultimately making it very easy for them to choose and select the perfect stone for the perfect occasion.

Check out Yelp or Google+ to find out about the best jewelry stores in your vicinity.


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