3 Steps to Choosing a Wedding Ring

Shopping for the perfect wedding ring can be daunting. With hundreds of style and material options to choose from, a couple can have a hard time choosing the perfect wedding bands for themselves and can’t go by looks alone. Here are top 3 points to consider when choosing a wedding ring:

Choose the Metal

 Wedding rings come in the following metals:

  • Yellow gold is the traditional choice of couples.
  • White gold is gold plated with rhodium to enhance its sheen and appearance.
  • Platinum is far more resilient than gold but also fairly on the expensive side.
  • Palladium looks like platinum but is less expensive.


Choose the Diamond’s Shape

Precious stones form the center of attraction in a ring. Diamond is the most popular choice for couples due to its shine, clarity, and value. Round, princess, emerald, asscher, marquise, oval, radiant, pear, heart, cushion are major shapes a diamond is cut in. The more exquisite the diamond’s shape is, the pricier it would be.


Choose the Band’s Shape

The wedding band’s shape is also very important in a wedding ring. It not only gives an aesthetic look to the ring but also ensure a comfortable fit. Some important wedding band shapes are:

  • Court shaped: This ring is softly rounded on the inside and outside of the ring.
  • ‘D’ shaped: This ring is curved on the outside and flat on the inside.
  • Flat: This ring is flat on both sides.
  • Halo: This ring is rounded.


Choosing a wedding ring is an important part of wedding preparations. Couples shopping for it together can have a valuable and sentimental experience. Since a wedding ring can’t be changed, replaced and traded in due to its sentimental value; hence, make sure you buy something that keeps you enthralled for life.


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