Hide the Flaws of Your Hand with the Perfect Diamond Ring

Diamonds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Our fingers too have different sizes and lengths. Here is how can choose a diamond ring that would hide your flaws and create a dazzling match:

Long Fingers

  • Women with long fingers would benefit from square and princess cut diamonds.
  • They can choose wider band sizes.


Thin Fingers

  • Smaller diamond size complements thin bony fingers.
  • Bigger diamond size may appear overwhelming and invite all the attention to themselves instead of the wearer
  • Wider bands give a fuller look to bony fingers.


Short Fingers

  • Women with shorter fingers should go for elongated styles.
  • Pear and oval shaped diamond give an elongated look to stubby fingers.
  • Rounded wedding bands have a complementing effect on short fingers.


Wide Fingers

  • A small and round stone may look too small on wide fingers.
  • Angular shapes and asymmetrical designs are best for wide fingers as they have a slender effect.
  • Wide oval, marquise, rectangular and emerald shaped rings are suitable for wider fingers.
  • Cluster styled stones suit wider fingers as they cover the skin on either sides.
  • Split shank bands cover wider fingers nicely all around.


Large Knuckles

  • Rounded ring bands may bring more attention to knuckles.
  • Thicker and flatter bands can help in covering large knuckles.

Small Hands

  • Large, chunky rings don’t make small hands look bigger; they rather bring attention to the tininess of their size.
  • Small round, oval, princess cut, heart cut stones have a balancing effect on the size of the hands.


Large Hands

  • Rings with smaller stones tend to get lost on larger hands.
  • Round and heart shaped diamond rings look better on large hands.
  • Large hands can carry bulky, chunky styles, as they divert attention from the wearer’s hand size towards themselves.


Choose the shape of your diamond ring wisely as you don’t buy it very often. We don’t have perfect fingers but we can accentuate our strengths and diminish our flaws with the right kind of diamond shaped ring.

A wedding ring is an important evidence of your commitment to each other, so make sure you select the right one.

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3 Steps to Choosing a Wedding Ring

Shopping for the perfect wedding ring can be daunting. With hundreds of style and material options to choose from, a couple can have a hard time choosing the perfect wedding bands for themselves and can’t go by looks alone. Here are top 3 points to consider when choosing a wedding ring:

Choose the Metal

 Wedding rings come in the following metals:

  • Yellow gold is the traditional choice of couples.
  • White gold is gold plated with rhodium to enhance its sheen and appearance.
  • Platinum is far more resilient than gold but also fairly on the expensive side.
  • Palladium looks like platinum but is less expensive.


Choose the Diamond’s Shape

Precious stones form the center of attraction in a ring. Diamond is the most popular choice for couples due to its shine, clarity, and value. Round, princess, emerald, asscher, marquise, oval, radiant, pear, heart, cushion are major shapes a diamond is cut in. The more exquisite the diamond’s shape is, the pricier it would be.


Choose the Band’s Shape

The wedding band’s shape is also very important in a wedding ring. It not only gives an aesthetic look to the ring but also ensure a comfortable fit. Some important wedding band shapes are:

  • Court shaped: This ring is softly rounded on the inside and outside of the ring.
  • ‘D’ shaped: This ring is curved on the outside and flat on the inside.
  • Flat: This ring is flat on both sides.
  • Halo: This ring is rounded.


Choosing a wedding ring is an important part of wedding preparations. Couples shopping for it together can have a valuable and sentimental experience. Since a wedding ring can’t be changed, replaced and traded in due to its sentimental value; hence, make sure you buy something that keeps you enthralled for life.