Simple Tips for Taking Good Care of Your Diamond Jewelry

Diamond is the most precious friend of a girl. It brings with it joy and elegance, and we could not ask for anything more beautiful than a diamond ring. Even though we all have studied in our schools that diamond is the hardest natural substance, it still has chances of getting a little vulnerable when it is pinned to a necklace, ring, or a bracelet. Therefore, taking extra care of your diamond jewelry is significant to prevent it from cracking or spoiling.

Here we are discussing some simple steps that you should embrace in your everyday routine in order to keep your diamond jewelry good as new for a long long time!

clean1 (1)

  • Remove Jewelry While You are Working

Whether you are cleaning your house, gardening, lifting some heavy-duty stuff, exercising in the gym, or even playing a sport that requires you to move a lot – you must take your jewelry off before performing any of these heavy tasks. This way, you will have lesser chances of knocking it, dropping it, as well as it will be safe from any cleaning chemicals that you might use during your cleaning hours. Also, the chances of your diamond to loosen up are high when you are busy in some hard-core exercise or sports activity, so it is always better to take it off during such tasks.

  • Keep it Clean

It is impossible for your precious diamond ring to not get any dirt from the environmental pollution, no matter how much cautious you are. But that doesn’t mean you should feel heartbroken – you can

  1. In order to clean your diamond jewelry, always make sure you are holding it by the edges and not directly touching the diamond part.
  2. Once you know how to hold it properly, take a toothbrush with soft bristles. You can even use a makeup brush (lipstick or eye-shadow brush) to clean your diamond. Just make sure the makeup brushes you are using don’t have any makeup on them.
  3. Take a bowl and mix some warm water with mild detergent. Mostly, jewelry stores apply diluted ammonia on jewelries to clean them. Therefore, try a substitute if you don’t have diluted ammonia.
  4. Gently scrub off any dirt from the jewelry with the help of your brush. The warm water will gradually help to wash away any damaging oil.
  5. Just be careful around the metal part of your jewelry, because some metals tend to discolor when they come in contact with cleaning fluids.
  6. Take out your jewelry from the mixture and gently scrub it with a brush again until you are satisfied that no dirt or oil is left on it.
  7. A fine-mesh strainer is best to rinse your jewelry.
  8. Pat the jewelry dry with the help of some soft cloth.

You can always take your diamond jewelry to a professional jeweler once a year in order to make sure its mounting and prongs are all set, and the stones are in place.


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