Advice for Guys – How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Ring

Buying an engagement ring is often an intimidating and confusing experience for a man. Add ‘diamond’ to this equation and they become absolutely clueless because they simply have no interest in diamonds. Before popping the question, they are faced with the difficult task of selecting an engagement ring, which will not only appeal to their to-be-wife’s eyes but emotions too. Basically, they have no idea of how to go about this task.

Following is some straightforward advice for men who have no clue on how to buy their first diamond ring.

What Kind of Style Should I Go For When Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring?

Diamond always looks beautiful in a classic form. The best choice would be to buy a ‘diamond solitaire’, i.e. a gold or white gold ring, which has a single diamond embedded in it. The sparkle of a simple yet elegant cut is what makes the solitaire a fabulous and safe choice.

What Color Should I Choose For The Diamond?

Many people prefer a colored diamond. When you are in a relationship with someone, you tend to notice many things about them. What your girlfriend wears plays an important role in buying her a ring. By now you would have noticed what color she prefers. You can either choose yellow gold, white gold or a silver ring and place her favorite colored diamond in it.


What Size Diamond Should I Buy?

A question such as this depends on your wallet. Though a small diamond will cost less but will not impress her the way you are hoping. This is a once in a lifetime chance. After all they say, “Go big or go home”. A diamond amongst the size of 3/4 or 1-carat will get her really excited and will definitely raise your status among her girlfriends.

Where Should I Buy A Diamond Ring From?

Before going out on ‘diamond shopping’, get familiar with the 4C’s of a diamond; Cut, Carat, Clarity and Color. These four points help you differentiate between a high grade and a low-grade diamond.

Clarity – The diamond must have a power-10 magnifying loupe, which means no flaws will be visible unless viewed under a high power magnifying glass.

Cut –An ‘excellent grade’ diamond upon viewing will give a shower of white bright light and twinkles.

Color – There are two types of colors – “near colorless grade” (G-H-I) and “colorless grade” (D-E-F). The G-H gives off a warm color and is considerably less expensive than the others while the D-E gives a bright color and is worth its price.

The first thing you should do is check some of your local shops and compare the prices. Do not buy the ring outright because there are many retail stores that sell diamonds at a relatively low price. The internet is also a great place where you will find many discounts. However, before buying from a website, make sure the diamond is certified by a trustworthy lab and has return policy of within 30-days and no questions asked.

Armed with this knowledge, you can safely make a purchase, which will make your girlfriend extremely happy and not put a dent in your pocket in the process. It is all about intuition and your willingness to spend, which will help you in making the right choice.


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