Popular Diamond Cuts for Engagement Rings

When proposing someone special, the cut and the shape of a diamond ring matters a lot. Today, in the market, there are various diamonds available in unique shapes and choosing the right one so that it suits your loved one’s expectations can sometimes be very difficult.

Different shapes have different optical characteristics. If you are in search of a diamond that has specific properties like fire or brightness, then there are few that might fit your criteria. Following are some of the traditional shapes:



A round diamond has two facets: 58 with Culet and 57 without Culet. A hundred year old pattern, the design has withstood about everything. It is also known as the most balanced diamond, because it gives you good value for its cut, clarity, color and weight.

Ideal (AGS) / Excellent (GIA) Cut Diamonds

Terms set by leaders in gemology and diamond grading, excellent and ideal cut diamonds are some of the best stones. These diamonds exhibit scintillation, fire, sparkle, and brightness. When looked under a magnifying glass, these are the best stones as compared to others.

Ideal Arrows and Hearts Diamonds

H & A diamonds are the zenith of a 57-facet pattern cutting. They have a flawless optical symmetry and have the best ideal cut.


Princess Diamonds

Princess shape or more commonly known as the ‘square’ shaped diamond; is a beautiful diamond that has many tiny sparkles. AGS has now created a standard for ideal cut princess diamonds, which help you easily to purchase this diamond. Since square shape is almost identical to round shape, sometimes customers get confused. The depth of a princess shape can be determined by table measurement. A princess shaped diamond usually has range of 60% to 73% and a depth of 65% to 75%.



Rectangular Radiant

One of the strongest shapes, rectangular diamonds is the epitome of radiant beauty. Its beauty comes from a balance between light leakage and well-distributed light return. The balance of these two gives the contrast between darks and lights in the stone, which produces that beautiful “crushed ice” look in these radiant cut stones.

Sample Radiant


Cushion is categorized in to three different types of diamond cuts:


This diamond cut looks like as if it was carved out by hand. The diamond’s facets are chunky and wide. Not perfect as others, these diamonds have large culets, which are visible. However, the antique diamond cut has a world of romance and charm, which modern diamonds do not contain.

Modern Cushion – Crushed Ice

Having an almost princess look, this diamond is made for those people who love sparkly and glittery stones. The crushed ice diamond has a silver glittery look with small fiery pinpoints.

Hybrid Modern Cushion

The hybrid modern cushion diamond cut lies somewhere between the crushed ice’s appearance and the large antique facets, hence the name. It is the most popular cut amongst the three as it contains a perfect combination of fire and flash and glittery brightness.



These diamonds got their name due to their step pattern cut. A classic cut, it has a ‘pool’ like look, which draws the attention of the viewer towards the stone.


Also known as a square emerald, it has the facet pattern of a step cut. The Asscher diamond cuts are known for producing a fierier look than the square emeralds. The passion that this stone brings is the reason it is so popular amongst engagement rings.

Heart / Pear / Oval / Marquise

Some of the most rare diamonds, these diamonds are considered as the most expensive diamonds due to their cut and clarity.

“The key to a diamond’s glittery appearance and fiery passion lies in the shine of a light”. Meaning – A diamond’s beauty can be recognized when photographed under the correct lighting.



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