All the Hottest Diamond Engagement Ring Trends That You Must Know About

Engagement rings and diamonds have become so synonymous that one cannot think of buying an engagement ring made of a precious stone other than the mighty diamond. With the passage of time, diamond rings have evolved and turned into the most coveted accessory of the season. All the ladies who are planning to get hitched this year; take notes.

Square Bands

Gone are the days when diamond engagement rings used to come in selected shapes and cuts with round bands. The new futuristic diamond engagement rings now come with square bands. These are much more comfortable than its conventional counterparts that may pinch or constrict your fingers.


Colorful Diamonds Are ‘In’

According to the latest jewelry trends, colorful diamonds are definitely ‘in’ this season. Not only do they add a pop of color to the ring but they also make for an ideal engagement ring style for those who plan on taking the non-traditional route. If you want to make a bold statement with your diamond engagement ring, go for one with a colored diamond in the centre like yellow, black or the all-new chocolate diamond.


Mixed Metal Halos

If you cannot decide on whether to go with platinum or gold, do not worry about it. The new mixed metal halo design is great because you mix and match precious metals to give your diamond engagement ring that oomph factor.

Colorful Accent Stones

This hot trend is great for anyone who wants to go for a pseudo-modern look this season. If you want a white diamond in the centre and colorful stones too, you can keep them both. The colorful stones can be set into the band for a more vibrant and fresh look coupled with a traditional feel.

Pear Shaped and Marquise Cut Diamonds

Yes, you heart it right; pear shaped and marquise cut diamonds are back with a bang according to the latest fashion trends. These tapered diamond cuts are great because they elongate the fingers and make them look slimmer.

Mixed Metal Prongs

Mixing metals is not odd anymore. Mixed metal prongs that are completely different from the metal used in the entire ring can actually make the stone in the center stand out more. It helps in achieving a seamless look while keeping things simple. You can go for rose gold prongs to play up your pink diamond or go for yellow gold prongs to make your yellow diamond shine out.


Marquise Accent Stones

This trend is definitely not for the faint-hearted but if you are up for experiments, marquise accent stones may be the ideal choice for you. This one of a kind design will make your diamond engagement ring the star of the show with its unique structure and style.


Always remember to shop for your diamond engagement ring after reading reviews for diamond jewelry stores on social media sites like Yelp, etc.


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