The Most Futuristic Diamond Jewelry Trends For 2015

Women of all ages love diamond jewelry; after all, diamonds are a woman’s best friend. As the year 2015 kick started, we have seen some futuristic diamond jewelry designs at the Golden Globe Awards that are definitely praise worthy. If you follow the latest trends when it comes to diamond jewelry, we’ve picked 5 of the best latest jewelry trends that will sweep you off your feet.

Ear Climbers

Yes, ear climbers are a thing and they don’t look tacky at all if you pick a pair that goes with your look. Ear climbers not only look trendy but they can be worn at any occasion – you can dress it up or down. The most delicate designs look best since they look more sophisticated. However, if you like chunky diamond jewelry, then pick one that complements your features.

Since women’s ears differ from one another, it is best to try them out before making a purchase instead of buying them online.


Layering and Mixing

Gone are the days when less was more. Women of today love bold jewelry with which they can express their personality. You can now layer your diamond bracelets with other bracelets made of gold and other precious metals to achieve a unique look. Even diamond engagement rings these days sport two tone metals to give the ring an extra edge and make the diamond stand out even more brilliantly.

You can even layer chains with small diamond pendants for everyday wear. Layering and mix and match are two of the hottest trends that are definitely here to stay this season.

Coiled Snake Jewelry

Naomi Watts sizzled on the Golden Globes red carpet with a yellow gown and donned a serpent wrapped necklace with encrusted diamonds that gave the entire look the ultimate ‘wow’ factor. Similar trends can be seen in the form of coiled snake bracelets and rings too. If you’re thinking of investing in a sophisticated statement piece this year, go for a coiled snake necklace or bracelet that will stand out from the rest.


Double Sided Earrings

Rihanna, Emma Watson and all the ladies in tinsel town have been spotted wearing double sided diamond and pearl studs this season. This unusual yet very unique design became popular with the ladies ever since Portia de Rossi wore the famous Dior pearls the 2014 Academy Awards. Whether you go for the classic pearl look or the diamond encrusted version, you won’t go unnoticed.


Colorful Diamonds

Richly hued champagne and chocolate diamonds have taken over by storm. Bold brides-to-be from all over the world are spotted wearing colorful diamond engagement rings that not only look different but give a more youthful look to the wearer as well. Pink and canary yellow diamonds are all the rage among the ladies these days when it comes to selecting diamond rings and earrings these days.

These are the 5 latest diamond jewelry trends that all trend savvy women must know of. Be sure to buy your diamond jewelry from a well reputed AGS diamond jeweler near you. For more information, check out reviews for the best diamond jewelry store on Yelp and other social media forums.