What do girls want? The answer is a diamond ring!

Ah . . . there are few men irrespective of whether they are gallant knights in a shining armor or rich gentlemen, who can sweep a lady off her feet. However, diamonds takes a woman’s breath away, not occasionally, but always!


Dreaming for that perfect proposal is what we all girls do. Throw in a flawless diamond engagement ring and we are ready. Is it a crime if we have high hopes? Probably not! At some point, every girl in the world has wished that her man would get down on one knee, holding a diamond ring. It is quite simple, women like jewelry, but they love them if diamonds are present!

A diamond is one of those accessories that put a spark in your proposal. When you are on the receiving end of a diamond ring, its aesthetic concoction of gemstones, precious metals and more significantly its unique design at times feels like the ring was made keeping your personality in mind.


Diamond jewelry is not just a piece of jewelry but also an art of expression. The beholder of the ring gets to express his feelings in such a manner that cannot be unheard. The stronger your heart feels love, the stronger will be your belief that your guy is really into you and not just buying your love with a diamond.

Diamonds make the bond between a women and her man stronger. Why do people say, “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend?” It is because there is an aura of sophistication and elegance, coalesced with feminine allure and beauty in every girl who wears a diamond.

A diamond ring is the first thing a crowd notices when a girl tells the tale about her proposal. Every diamond ring has a tale behind it, as it is bought with care and love, and given with equal care and love. In the future, a girl turned mother, a successful businesswoman or a live-in housewife sees her ring and remembers the day when she was proposed. It is the memories that make the ring a symbol of never ending love.

Diamonds are fascinating and women are in turn fascinated with them. Women, who are not in possession of a diamond, daydream that someday they will own one. Every man must be able to hear his love’s inner desire and move heaven and earth to fulfill that unspoken wish. Investing in a quality diamond is a way to get to your woman’s heart through her finger.


It is a famous saying, “She has got you twined around her finger . . . and neck” and no matter how hard men bemoan about it, secretly in their heart they love it.


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