Diamond Rings- An Expression of Eternal Love

For years, diamonds have been used as a symbol of expressing love. Diamonds are the hardest material on earth, thereby making it expensive and the most valuable stone.

Your diamond ring is a manifestation of your personal style statement. It can either be modern, classic or maybe a vintage. It could be a simple, classic solitaire, or have elaborate settings with diamonds on the side. It could be integrated into a yellow gold, or a white gold, or maybe platinum.


There are various designs of diamond engagement rings. Some of them are noted below.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire is a classic and never gets out of fashion. It is a beautifully elegant band holding a modest yet sophisticated diamond for the world to admire. A solitaire engagement ring can be unique, as it is offered in different size and shapes of the center stones. It can be implanted into a yellow gold or a white one- whichever you like better.


Promise Ring

A promise ring is a stand for commitment. If your relation is everything you ever wanted, but the wedding bells are still a few years later, a promise ring will let her know how you really feel for her. It will get her to feel satisfied, that yes, you will marry her when the right time comes. Until both of you are ready to call a wedding planner and fix a wedding date, a promise ring is a beautiful way to show the world the love you two share together.


Halo Ring Design

You may be wondering, what’s a halo style. Have you ever peeked inside your great grandmother’s jewelry box? If yes, then you can relate to it. It is the type of ring that are bigger and much bolder than the classic solitaire ring, this vintage style is gaining a lot of popularity.


Princess Cut Engagement Ring

If you really feel like a princess, and your prince charming is willing to propose you, it is better to share your style with him beforehand. This is a ring fit for a princess.


Three Stone Rings

Opt for this ring, when one stone just will not do. This is the style that symbolizes your lives together. The time you have shared, the love you, enjoy today and most importantly, all that the future holds for you two.


Inspired by love- The Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

The cushion cut engagement ring is associated with the brilliance of a traditional round cut with the breathtaking beauty of a princess cut. Most brides feel that the cushion cut ring is the most romantic of all ring styles.


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