Diamond Jewelry – Richest Passion of Mankind

‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ and there is nothing truer than this popular saying. The precious and delicate pieces of stone make any girl or woman go weak at her knees. If someone wants to make a girl speechless, gift a diamond with perfect cuts and clarity. It does not matter what really the occasion is, be it a birthday or anniversary, festival, engagement or wedding; diamonds are the best option for an exquisite gift. Propose a girl with a diamond and she might hardly say ‘no’. Gone are the days when women used to be beguiled with gold. It seems that the much cherished yellow metal has lost its gleam and now, gold is out and the diamonds are in.


The 4C’s that make the diamonds adored by women are Clarity, Color, Carat and Cut. The heavier the diamond, the more it will cost (Carat). The finer the Clarity of the diamond, the more it will cost. The more it looks like ice, the more is its price (Color). The Cut has the most prominence in the price & the look and can escalate the diamond value by fifty percent. No matter how much these aspects matter, the beauty is the only arbiter.

Buying a ring is a sign that the pretty lady is going to be proposed soon, but there are some elements to consider before buying her an engagement ring:

fine-diamond-jewelryNever surprise her with a ring, purchased with your own taste. There should be a reflection of her in the ring or least, the ring should be according to her inclination.

One way to find out what she likes or dislikes is to take a clue from her normal style of jewelry.  What kind of designs does she like? Does she prefer, traditional or modern? Also, how does she react when she sees some other woman’s ring?

Do not underestimate the importance of friends in a girl’s life. Ask her girl-friends and female relatives what might she like in a diamond ring and act right according to it. One can glean a pretty clear picture of a girl’s likes and dislikes through her circle.

Make her a part of the plan. Surprises sometimes go wrong and she will be thankful to you for a lifetime if you buy her a ring of her own choice. It may run counter to the romantic instincts, but at the end of the day, it’s your girl who will be delighted with a grin.

With all these cute shenanigans, the fourth C i.e. the cost is still inquisitive for your attention. Your one to two months’ salary might just go like the wind, but this is a one time investment and the most important thing at stake is your girl’s contentment. All in all, there cannot be a more romantic way to propose a girl other than a candlelight dinner or a night walk on the beach, where you kneel down before her and present her the shining, breathtaking diamond ring and obligate her to change her surname.


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