Diamond Rings- Which kind of Ring Should I Use When I Propose?

I know how a nerve-wrecking moment it is to propose the love of your life, and then to expect the best of the best that she will accept. If the husband-to-be has planned each and every thing and have it arranged in the public to propose his love, it would be a shame to hear a no in front of the public. How can he be sure that what types of ring will his fiancée like, especially when the market is full of gorgeous designs of the diamonds? I would suggest purchasing something that she will like; even it costs a little too much.


Let me give some detail about diamonds and the type of ring to use to propose her. Black diamonds are not famous as the other color diamonds, white. Pink is also quite often used, but is surely a little expensive due to its rarity. But, have you given a thought to black?  This rare and unusual stone has its own sophistication and should be given a thought to. If you are the type of gentleman who wants to surprise his loved one, why not take her by surprise by choosing a black diamond? Your girl will surely love it, if she likes variations and wants to explore the different gem colors. As you can also notice, nowadays, brides usually go for different color of the wedding dresses, so why not try a different color diamond for her?


Guys, who purchase diamond rings for their fiancée on their engagement, cannot go wrong. As we all know that a diamond is a girl’s best friend, and the bigger is the better-if your budget permits. There is a wide range of variety in this regard, for example: one diamond, a cluster of diamonds, different sizes, different colors, and carats etc. the possibilities are endless. Also, the ring can be coupled with a number of expensive metals like: platinum, gold, and silver.

Jangmi Jewelry has a wide range of diamonds to choose from to praise your ideal ring design.  We source all your diamonds locally and we will provide them to you with all the necessary certifications. Contact us today for more information and further assistance on sourcing the flawless engagement ring for you to offer in your proposal, be it gem stone based, a traditional diamond ring, a black diamond or any other alternative of your choice.


If you want, visit Wedding Wire and Google + for customer reviews. Jangmi Jewelry is your one stop destination for all the diamonds purchases.


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