Interested in Buying Diamond Jewelry? Start With the Basics!

They say buying diamonds has gotten significantly easier and rightly so! This is because those days when information pertaining to diamonds was limited are long gone. One can very easily log on the Internet and read about diamonds to know about them but most people do not do so prior to purchasing diamond jewelry, which is a big mistake.


It is important to realize that while diamond is one word, it is in fact, an umbrella term and buying it is not as simple as gold. Gold has a set price and carats and nobody can con you. The prices are updated daily according to the world gold market and can be searched on the Internet too. However, the prices of diamonds are not as uncomplicated as gold. Therefore, one really needs to have knowledge in order to buy quality diamond jewelry and ensure that the seller has given a justifiable price.

Gone are the days when buying diamond jewelry was as simple as heading to one’s favorite local diamond jewelry store and selecting an item. With the vast varieties and qualities available, one really has to be wise to choose the best quality. There are 4 main factors that make the price of the diamond; color, clarity, carat and weight. The rules are not very difficult to understand either. Let us begin with carat. The heavier the diamond i.e. the more carat it is, the more pricey it will be. A 0.5 carat diamond is going to be significantly cheaper than a one-carat diamond. Moreover, the price just does not double; in fact it multiplies many folds. For instance, a one carat diamond could be anywhere between $3000-5000 but a two carat could be up to $12000-15000. Similarly a four carat could literally be as expensive as $50,000 or even more depending on the color and clarity.diamond-04

It is difficult to understand the color of the diamond but in simple words, the more colorless it is or the more it looks like plain ice, the more pricey it will be. One can always read up about the colors of diamonds in detail and discuss with the jeweler too.

The cut of the diamond also signifies the price of the diamond because it determines the beauty of the diamond. This means that if a diamond is cut to proportions and exactly angles, its beauty will be compromised. Some cuts are really rare and those diamonds are more expensive. For instance, a unique shape like a teardrop solitaire is supposed to be more expensive than other shapes. At the same time, a high carat circular diamond in a simple cut is also considered a pricey diamond.


Apart from the above-mentioned factors, the origin of the diamond also plays a significant role in the price of the diamond. For instance, diamonds from India are considered relatively cheaper than Belgium diamonds.

However, these are just the basics of buying diamond jewelry. If you are interested in buying a high quality diamond, which costs a lot, it is advised to get in touch with a gemologist who will be able to give you precisely the kind of information you require to make a wise and informed decision.

Diamond Rings- Which kind of Ring Should I Use When I Propose?

I know how a nerve-wrecking moment it is to propose the love of your life, and then to expect the best of the best that she will accept. If the husband-to-be has planned each and every thing and have it arranged in the public to propose his love, it would be a shame to hear a no in front of the public. How can he be sure that what types of ring will his fiancée like, especially when the market is full of gorgeous designs of the diamonds? I would suggest purchasing something that she will like; even it costs a little too much.


Let me give some detail about diamonds and the type of ring to use to propose her. Black diamonds are not famous as the other color diamonds, white. Pink is also quite often used, but is surely a little expensive due to its rarity. But, have you given a thought to black?  This rare and unusual stone has its own sophistication and should be given a thought to. If you are the type of gentleman who wants to surprise his loved one, why not take her by surprise by choosing a black diamond? Your girl will surely love it, if she likes variations and wants to explore the different gem colors. As you can also notice, nowadays, brides usually go for different color of the wedding dresses, so why not try a different color diamond for her?


Guys, who purchase diamond rings for their fiancée on their engagement, cannot go wrong. As we all know that a diamond is a girl’s best friend, and the bigger is the better-if your budget permits. There is a wide range of variety in this regard, for example: one diamond, a cluster of diamonds, different sizes, different colors, and carats etc. the possibilities are endless. Also, the ring can be coupled with a number of expensive metals like: platinum, gold, and silver.

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