Unequalled Diamond Rings for the Modern Man

Diamond engagement and wedding rings for women are quite popular. As trends develop and evolve, diamond rings are no longer just for women. They are becoming popular in the modern man society. Men diamond rings are setting a new men’s fashion.

A man wearing a wedding ring is a new phenomenon. This phenomenon became common in World War II. Since then it has become quite popular and this tradition of men’s diamond ring has taken off. However, a man’s diamond wedding ring has different considerations than a woman.


The Importance of an Engagement Ring for a Woman

The engagement ring for a woman is the only and the most special adornment on her finger, which is why a woman loves a striking diamond solitaire ring. For her, every aspect of the diamond ring must be perfect from the selection of the diamond to the cut to the setting. The perfect setting shows the diamond ring to its best advantage.

Mostly women feel that their engagement ring should not over power their wedding ring. It is the first proposal that counts. The sparkle of the first ring is the most memorable. Usually a wedding ring is either a simple platinum band or small diamond ring whereas an engagement ring is always two or four carat diamond ring.

Men Do Not Wear Engagement Rings

A man only wears a wedding ring whereas a woman wears an engagement ring as well as a wedding ring. A man sees the wedding ring as the only and final adornment on his finger hence the popularity of men’s diamond ring has spread worldwide.

A man’s diamond ring is quite large and more noticeable. As there are no engagement rings for men, all the diamonds are on their wedding ring.

This is the only ring on his hand, perhaps the only jewelry that he will ever wear. So it needs to tell the world exactly who he is. Normally, men prefer to wear diamond rings that have diamonds all round rather than a large single stone.

Women diamond rings normally portray the largeness of the diamond and are just a show off. For men, the material of the ring is the integral part and the charm of the ring. The diamond on the men’s ring is all about bringing the diamond and the ring together whereas for women it is all about how large is the diamond and how much it sparkles.

This is the reason why men’s diamond rings are much more focused on the material of the ring. Such diamond ring materials include:

  • Platinum
  • Titanium
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Stainless Steel
  • Two tone white gold and yellow gold

These rings are much wider in shape so that according to a man’s large hand, a diamond can be added, which complements the roughness of a man’s hand. These rings are more ornate than a woman’s ring.

Whatever the case, a diamond is a diamond. Wherever it is fitted, that area shines. A man’s diamond ring is beyond above in style. A man’s diamond ring makes a clear-cut statement that states, “I am married and can afford an expensive ring like this”.

When it comes to men, their diamond rings are beyond compare to any flair, class or style. If a diamond can be considered ‘a-girls-best-friend’ so can it be for men.

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