Smart Tips for Cleaning Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Even though a diamond is the hardest solid ever known to man, it can easily lose its shine and luster over time due to dust, grime and oil. To maintain the sparkling appeal of your diamond engagement ring for longer, take a look at some of these smart tips that will help you clean and maintain your diamond engagement ring.

Handle Your Diamond Ring with Tender Loving Care

Grease and oil from our fingers often sticks on to the diamond and makes it lose its shine and sparkle which is why it is important to handle your diamond engagement ring with care. It is important to note that diamonds are natural magnets for grease. So clean your diamond ring after wearing it with a dry lint free cloth.


Weekly Maintenance of Your Diamond Ring

Another great way to make sure your diamond shines just as brightly every single day, soak your diamond ring in mild ammonia based cleaning solution overnight. Then brush the diamond gently with a soft toothbrush. The cleaning agent will dissolve all dust, grime and oil and make your diamond ring look good as new.

However, one must adequate protective measures when cleaning estate jewelry with fragile settings because scrubbing can damage it. For such diamond rings with intricate designs, use a damp lint free cloth.

Steer Clear from Abrasive Cleaning Agents

Abrasive cleaning agents like toothpaste and household cleaners as well as bleaching agents like chlorine can damage your diamond ring and make it look dull and unattractive. Some heavy duty chemicals can also dissolve the metal supporting the diamond or loosen the setting of the stones.

Ultrasonic Cleaners for Removing Encrusted Dirt and Grime

Sometimes diamond rings and estate jewelry need to be cleaned using ultrasonic cleaners. Such cleaners send high frequency sound waves that cause the fluid to vibrate and remove encrusted dirt. But ultrasonic cleaners should never be used on diamond rings and jewelry with delicate settings since it can loosen the stones from their mounting.

Vinegar for Restoring the Shine of Your Gleaming Diamond Ring

Boil a cup of water and pre soak the diamond ring in the cup. Let the ring soak in the boiling hot water for at least five minutes. Then add a small amount of baking soda in a measuring cup, add a few drops of water and scrub the diamond ring gently with the fizzy preparation. The consistency of the preparation should be similar to that of watered down toothpaste.

Use a soft toothbrush to cleanse every nook and crevice of the ring to make it look as good as new. At the end, let the rink soak for another five minutes in vinegar to restore the lost shine of the diamond.

These are some tips that will help you clean your diamond ring at home without having to spend a significant amount on having it cleaned professionally from a jewelry store. If you are thinking of buying new diamond jewelry or an engagement ring, check out our reviews on Yelp, Google + and Wedding Wires.


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