4 Pointers for Buying the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring before Popping the Question

Perhaps the most emotional moment for any man is when he has found the woman he would want to spend the rest of his life with. But with popping the question, comes the daunting task of buying the perfect diamond ring that will make her jump with joy. If you don’t have a married friend to guide you, here are four pointers that you must keep in mind when shopping for engagement rings for women.

Know What She Likes

First of all, you must know exactly what she likes in order to buy an engagement ring that will suit her style. Peek inside her jewelry box to check what metal she wears and if she likes delicate rings or chunky ones. This will give you a rough idea on how the diamond engagement ring should be. Now there are a lot of women who prefer silver over rose gold and gold, but that’s for you to find out and make an educated guess.

Once you have decided on a few basics, then it is time to think about any fixtures or scrolling that you might like to add. However, it is always better to keep things simple if you are not sure what to do.

Having a Rock Solid Knowledge of the Rock

Men usually don’t have much idea about the kind of diamond they should choose and the factors involved in purchasing the perfect diamond engagement ring. Before proceeding any further, you must learn about the 4C’s used in measuring the standard of the diamond. The 4 C’s refer to the color, cut, carat and clarity of the diamond.


The best diamonds usually have color rankings of D, E and F; the clearer the color of the stone, the better it is because it will reflect more light.


Selecting the Right Cut

The cut of the diamond is not the shape but it refers to the way it has been cut and diced. These facets and edges give the diamond its light reflecting properties and make it look flawless. A poorly cut diamond may not look good in the end because it won’t reflect light as much as it should.

Some of the unique engagement ring designs use cuts in pear, princess, cushion, heart, marquise, radiant, oval, emerald and Asscher. The cut that you choose will highlight different quality of the stone.


Clarity Counts

The third C, clarity is a standard measurement of how flawed a diamond is. Those who go for clarity have to spend more since the higher the grading of the diamond’s clarity, the more expensive it will be. The highest grading is ‘FL’ which means the diamond is absolutely flawless but such diamonds cost an arm and a leg and are very rare to find.

You may be able to find a diamond that is internally flawless (IF) which is just one notch lower that FL. It is always best to stick to the top most clarity grading if you want a gorgeous diamond ring for the woman you love.

If you are thinking of buying a diamond engagement ring for your beloved anytime soon, take some time to check out reviews on websites and social media networks like Google+, Yelp, and Wedding Wire so you know which stores provide their customers with superb diamond rings within the budget.






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