All About Purchasing the Right Diamonds for Her

Are you one of the single bachelor in NYC? If yes, then are you looking for a beautiful diamond engagement ring for your girl to propose her? If your answer is again yes, then congratulations, we are here for your help. We can provide you with the information you have long been looking for, information about diamonds and their purchasing.

Basic Points to Consider Before Selecting a Diamond ring:

What type do you want?

If you are looking for a unique engagement ring, then go for princess cut or round ones. Ask her how many carat is she expecting? If she says 1, go for 1, because half a carat may disappoint her and you don’t want to spoil it for her.

What’s your budget?

Make sure you have enough money before you decide to propose your girl. Decide on your budget beforehand.

What style?

Diamond rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Ask her what style is she looking for. I know it is a difficult task if you are shopping for her, especially if she is choosy.

What size?

Obviously you don’t want to purchase a wrong size for her on your engagement day. Ask her what is her size because it has to a proper fit.

The 4 C’s and the Diamond Quality

In order to assess the value of the diamond you must understand the principles behind it. The grading scale or commonly known as the 4 C’s focuses on the assessment of a diamond to a comparably sized perfect example.

Diamond Color: Each one of the diamond is graded in terms of color, by the leading gemological industry. A diamond is called ideal if it’s colorless, however, some forms do possess some colors.


Diamond Carat: The size of the diamond greatly affects the value of it and of the jewellery it is used in. Generally, the larger the size of the stone, higher the price of the engagement ring.


Diamond Clarity: The value of the diamond greatly depends on its clarity or the number of imperfections it contains. These imperfections are so small that they can’t be noticed with a naked eye.


Diamond Cut: it does not refer to the shape, but refers to the design guide or a diamond cut. It is used when shaping a diamond for polishing. Most people only refer to the actual shape and appearance only. Cut is important as well because it refers to the symmetry and polish of a diamond. For example: if the cut is poorly done, the diamond will be less luminous and will radiate less.


The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid Before Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring:

  1. Do not rush to make your purchase. Most men do that. Take your time to decide. Ask her about her choices. Be sure that the purchase you want to make will be loved by her.
  2. Having zero knowledge about diamonds. You don’t need much information, but a basic one is important. Be sure to know about the 4 C’s. This way you can avoid the blunders by purchasing something not worth its value.
  3. Not deciding on your budget.
  4. Not including your fiancée. Take her with you, after her it’s her ring-to-be, so her opinion matters.
  5. Not considering custom rings. Remove this misconception that custom rings are only for famous people or celebrities. Give it a try, most boys are amazed at how easy it is to design a custom ring and it’s affordable as well.

So boys, I hope now you know what you want to give your girl on her engagement. Look out for unique engagement rings now at Jangmi Jewellers.

Before purchasing any diamond engagement ring you must take a look at the customer reviews and see which diamond jewelery store is the best for you and to do that you should visit Google+, Wedding wire or Yelp.

Happy Engagement Ceremony!


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