Reasons Why a Diamond Engagement Ring is the Best Choice

You must have heard that ‘a diamond is a girl’s best friend’ so wouldn’t you like to propose the woman you love with one?


Women dream about the perfect proposal – and so men spend a lot of time planning the perfect proposal! Still, did you know that according to a survey, one in five women get disappointed by their man’s proposal? You do not want that woman to be your special lady!

Even though you may already know the answer, you still want to propose to your love at the right time and place, at the right moment so both of you can cherish the memories for the rest of your lives. In all proposals, the center of attention is the engagement ring, so much so that one in ten women is known to say ‘no’ to a man’s proposal if they didn’t like the ring! So you must get that right – and you simply cannot go wrong with a diamond engagement ring!

The ring truly is an important element in an engagement. Many women consider contributing financially if they feel their man is unable to buy a nice, presentable engagement ring. Do not make your woman feel insecure and put in the effort to browse through the collection of engagement rings for women before you find that perfect diamond engagement ring that will brighten up your woman’s heart with glee and make her glow with love!


Why a Diamond Engagement Ring?

According to a survey, about 38 percent women feel that the engagement ring is a reflection of how their man feels towards them and how much they love and value them.

As compared to ruby, gold, or a ring with any other gemstone, there is something quite special about a diamond engagement ring. Apart from being amongst the most precious gemstones, the qualities associated with a diamond are what make them a popular choice of gemstone amongst the range of engagement rings for women. A diamond reflects purity, strength and durability and this is what it signifies in a relationship when the proposal is bonded together with a special diamond engagement ring!

The popular tagline ‘diamonds are forever’ goes in quite handy when you propose your woman with a diamond ring because it makes her feel that your commitment of loving and staying with her is forever! A diamond engagement ring communicates to your woman that you value her and cherish her, and feel that she is worthy of owning something as special as a diamond engagement ring.

Moreover, a ring which has a beautifully set sparkling diamond looks sophisticated and elegant, making your woman feel the same. And of-course, a diamond is extremely versatile so your lady can wear the ring with a formal, semi-formal as well as a casual dress without it making the outfit look unmatched.

Once you are engaged, your girl is sure to show off her engagement ring to her friends and family – so give her something to show off with pride by proposing to her using one of Jangmi’s uniquely designed diamond engagement ring! Our New York City diamond store holds a large variety of engagement rings for women with spectacular and unique designs, superior quality setting and a sparkling final look! So get yours today and boost your courage to pop the question! And do not forget to share your views with us.


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